Wednesday, July 1

Album Of Last Month

Wave Machines 'Wave If You're Really There' (Neapolitan)

If the thought of yet another Wii-possessed electro clan fills you with more fury than Alice Glass devoid of her morning blood-shot espresso, Wave Machines may just be the whizzes to save your spirit. Stationed at the fore of Liverpool’s artsy underground, they fashion their ‘sound’ inside a disused church loft by day and perform behind masks of their own faces by night. Sure it all seems about as screwy as some pious Rob Zombie fan club, yet this debut album is one bountiful grab bag of Beta Band-mannered thrums, superhuman psych pop elation and Travis Bickle-type slurs on humanity. Heck, ‘Punk Spirit’ is charged on enough emotion-bottling to make you weep. Then come the Hot Chip-fired bleep bops of ‘The Line’ to let out the tension. Damn bizarro but doubtlessly glorious.

Best Track
'Dead Houses'