Tuesday, September 1

Album Of Last Month

Julian Plenti 'Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper' (Matador)

Some solo albums are just destined. Peter Gabriel post-Genesis; Billy Corgan betwixt dropping/re-upping Smashing Pumpkins; Noel Gallagher (eventually) mid-Oasis. And then some just come straight outta left field. Thom Yorke; 80% of The Strokes; Scarlett Johansson. A further for the latter is Interpol's Essex-born and seemingly timorous Paul Banks. Or, as his debut solitary record will have you known, Julian Plenti. Points already for the equivocal moniker change - Paul Banks sounds way too English. And a good few extra for what is one of the best records put out this year. Banks', sorry, Plenti's baritone larynx works a treat on such wistful, elegiac ditties. And it's addictive, too. Heck, 'Unwind' is more a shock than the actual album - it's the most anti-Interpol, R and R-inducing ball, like, ever. Seriously, swap Plenti for Wayne Coyne and you wouldn't notice one iota. So, a startlingly excellent piece of record.

Best Track