Thursday, October 1

Album Of Last Month

The Cribs 'Ignore The Ignorant' (Wichita)

Weird, this. 'Ignore The Ignorant' is the worst Cribs record to date, yet it's still the best album of the last four weeks and a brawny, tasteful 40-odd minutes. The addition of Johnny Marr on guitar was an out there move to carry out; it was unnecessary and probably made out of 'Well, he's Johnny Marr'-type vindication than for the good of the group's progression. And really, it doesn't work for the first half. Hell, nothing does. 'City Of Bugs' and 'Hari Kari' are grossly rushed, which is unnerving for a band who only need to rely on their first three LPs' prowess in order to excuse there way in line at Koko on a Friday night. But then 'Emasculate Me' happens - at last The Cribs we recognise - and the title track, followed by 'Save Your Secrets' and 'Nothing'. Principally, half number two has the chompier strings and extra sentiment advancements we were hoping for, Marr or no Marr. A shaky and teetering start but thankfully 'Ignore The Ignorant' embraces an archetypal resurgence to pull off a rather decent record. Well, it is The Cribs, after all.

Best Track
'Emasculate Me'