Tuesday, October 6

The Greatest Author On Earth

If like me you have more than half a brain, you'll be fully aware of the fact that there is no such thing as God. However, the nearest thing to an all-empowering skipper we do have - and this one is actually a real human being - is Richard Dawkins. I have read much of his material on evolution over the years, only now he seems to be getting some much-deserved and much-important recognition.

Here's a nice quote from him -
"There is a truly pernicious idea going about that everything is just a personal opinion and everybody is equally entitled to their personal opinion whether it fits with the evidence or not – as if there's nothing special about evidence, evidence is just a patriarchal, chauvinistic way of learning about the world.

"Evidence is evidence! Evidence is how we know what's true. Of course you can hold views that are contrary to evidence if you want, but don't expect anybody to respect you for it."

And here's a link to buy his new book The Greatest Show On Earth.

Eugene McGuinness 'God In Space'