Tuesday, December 1

Album Of Last Month

Biffy Clyro 'Only Revolutions' (14th Floor)

The time was 2003. Lauren Laverne was hitting it up on Xfm's drivetime, Travis couldn't strum a G major wrong and Adam Lambert was only one-hundreth as gay as he is now. I, for the first time in life, plummeted Athlete-first into a volley of indie goodness - heck, I've got a Virgin Megastores pass for an in-store Thrills session to prove it.
And during my daily intake of MTV2 wholesomeness, came along a band called Biffy Clyro. Their 'Questions and Answers' (taken from 'The Vertigo of Bliss') was a strapping, gratifying throw-back to all else that was voguish at the time. But then these three, shaggy-seeming Scots just kinda disappeared... and thus went my curiosity.
Later though, just about two years ago, they seemed to reclench my attention in the way they first gripped it. 2007's 'Puzzle', following 2004's lacklustre 'Infinity Land', was a disturbing, euphonious, amalgam of an effing great album.
Yet now, turns out that 'Only Revolutions' is really their best record to date, almost the year's finest and an absolute reason to call Biffy Clyro one of the most splendid bands since King Kenneth set up their homeland.
'The Captain' marches in a compulsive, screwy track all in order to engage in peppy trumpets and a singalong refrain. 'Bubbles' takes on less sentiment, but chiefly for the good of a wondrous, solitary guitar line and honeyed pop belief system. Riding a comparably doughy road to 'Puzzle's 'Machines', 'God & Satan' is an imperative, meaty number - what with band leader Simon Neil pondering, "I talk to God as much as I talk to Satan 'cause I want to hear both sides". 'Shock Shock' follows later, scrubbed up via roaring Wispa Gold melodies and never-dreary yells of immobilisation. Lastly though, sits 'Whorses', squeezing out those last tuneful drips and a prime form to tail things.
The tale of Biffy Clyro's rise to supremacy is an interesting one. And now they've the LP to show for the sell-out arenas. 'Only Revolutions' is a revolution most definitely.

Best Track
'Many Of Horror'