Tuesday, December 15

Albums Of 2009 - No. 43 to No. 29

43. The xx 'xx' (Young Turks) - Spellbindingly pivotal to life's progression.

42. Calvin Harris 'Ready For The Weekend' (Sony) - Yeah, alright. Just stop shoving your face in the videos.

41. Miike Snow 'Miike Snow' (Downtown) - A sweet 'n' nice supplement to a dark day.

40. The Horrors 'Primary Colours' (XL) - NOBODY saw this coming. Fuckin' A.

39. Arctic Monkeys 'Humbug' (Domino) - Frailest of the three, but points for audacity.

38. The Wave Pictures 'If You Leave It Alone' (Moshi Moshi) - Another fine venture from these much-undervalued lot.

37. Gallows 'Grey Britain' (Warner) - Even taller, more enraged and sinister than the first.

36. Esser 'Braveface' (Transgressive) - Think I'm the only one who dug this.

35. frYars 'Dark Young Heart' (Bandstocks) - If only it possessed the ballyhoo of 07.

34. Dan Black 'Un' (Polydor) - Hmm, how this creep higher than Calvin Harris?

33. The Virgins 'The Virgins' (Warner) - Samey for sure, yet an obliging Strokes stand-in.

32. Eminem 'Relapse' (Interscope) - Like the mutation of this first instalment, bring on '2'.

31. Jack Penate 'Everything Is New' (XL) - Perfect in size, almost there in quality.

30. Bat For Lashes 'Two Suns' (Parlophone) - As interesting as Ms Welch, though not quite as powerful.

29. Emmy The Great 'First Love' (Close Harbour) - Thirteen tracks? More is less.