Friday, December 11

Albums Of 2009 - No. 71 to No. 57

71. Golden Silvers 'True Romance' (XL) - Uninspiring for something via XL.

70. Editors 'In This Light And On This Evening' (Kitchenware) - What the fuck were they even trying here?

69. The Temper Trap 'Conditions' (Infectious) - THAT song nonetheless, an okay effort.

68. Fever Ray 'Fever Ray' (Rabid) - Only scratches the surface of beautiful.

67. Morrissey 'Years Of Refusal' (Decca) - Reasonable attempt all things considered.

66. U2 'No Line On The Horizon' (Mercury) - Tolerable, just a shame they dropped Rubin.

65. Doves 'Kingdom Of Rust' (Heavenly) - More than passable, though they've been healthier.

64. Jay-Z 'The Blueprint 3' (Roc Nation) - Typically weighty but strong where it counts.

63. The Rifles 'The Great Escape' (Sixsevenine) - Sell-out Brixton dates start to make sense.

62. The Gossip 'Music For Men' (Columbia) - 'Heavy Cross' is perfect, though overshadows the rest.

61. Mike Bones 'A Fool For Everyone' (The Social Registry) - Pretty good, deserves more investigation.

60. Peter Bjorn And John 'Living Thing' (Wichita) - No longer miss the whistles.

59. Art Brut 'Art Brut Vs. Satan' (Cooking Vinyl) - Pop-hectic hooks and sorta awesome yelping.

58. The Rumble Strips 'Welcome To The Walk Alone' (Island) - So-so, just expected more what with the Ronson tag.

57. Dananananaykroyd 'Hey Everyone!' (Best Before) - Enjoyable, if a little hyperbolic.