Wednesday, December 9

Albums Of 2009 - No. 84 to No. 72

84. The Rakes 'Klang!' (V2) - Rightfully bumped them off for good.

83. Peter Doherty 'Grace/Wastelands' (EMI) - Just another meatless hint of what could be.

82. Little Boots 'Hands' (Sixsevenine) - Alright, but the weakest of all the year's lass pop.

81. Empire Of The Sun 'Walking On A Dream' (EMI) - Not bad, although original by being unoriginal.

80. Them Crooked Vultures 'Them Crooked Vultures' (Interscope) - One part engrossing, one part self-satisfying.

79. The Joy Formidable 'A Balloon Called Moaning' (Pure Groove) - Less is more is good, but this is too less.

78. Taking Back Sunday 'New Again' (Warner) - Decent, yet their worst record to date.

77. Marmaduke Duke 'Duke Pandemonium' (14th Floor) - Probably a little too 'passion project'.

76. Asher Roth ' Asleep In The Bread Aisle' (Universal) - Jeez, where did this guy go?

75. Enter Shikari 'Common Dreads' (Ambush Reality) - Nothing earth-destroying about this follow-up.

74. Phoenix 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' (V2) - Out from hinterland and into slight significance.

73. Hockey 'Mind Chaos' (Virgin) - Over does the sweet synth-pop a tinch or two.

72. Athlete 'Black Swan' (Fiction) - Fair to middling for those who still bother.