Monday, December 7

Albums Of 2009 - No. 98 to No. 85

... And so it commences. The beginning of the end of the first decade of the 21st century. I was way ahead of the times naming my albums of the decade way back in June (Coldplay's 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' won if it's an inconvenience to click). 2009 itself has been a seemly year for records, perhaps not as inventive as 08's NY ascendancy or 01's, erm, NY ascendancy, but a decorous annum still and all. So, without extra ado, here are my albums of the last twelve months in order (sprinkled over the next week or so)...

98. Mongrel 'Better Than Heavy' (Wall Of Sound) - Important messages. Shit songs.

97. The Enemy 'Music For The People' (Warner) - Borders on an Undertones plagiarism lawsuit.

96. Howling Bells 'Radio Wars' (Independiente) - Blah, senseless droning of nothingness.

95. Sky Larkin 'The Golden Spike' (Wichita) - Kurt Cobain called. He wants his manliness back.

94. The Twang 'Jewellery Quarter' (B-Unique) - What? 'Cause you were expecting a Chris Evans-style comeback?

93. John Frusciante 'The Empyrean' (Record Collection) - Why it takes RHCP 4 years in between LPs. Looong guitar lines.

92. Patrick Watson 'Wooden Arms' (Secret City) - A disappointing follow-up to 06's 'Close To Paradise'.

91. Wavves 'Wavves' (Fat Possum) - Just a big bowl of hype.

90. Madina Lake 'Attics To Eden' (Roadrunner) - Short of the whopping emo-pop hooks in 'From Them...'.

89. The Prodigy 'Invaders Must Die' (Cooking Vinyl) - Two most-excellent singles indeed.

88. 1990s 'Kicks' (Rough Trade) - Band name still better than anything they've done.

87. The Airborne Toxic Event 'The Airborne Toxic Event' (Island) - Never judge a band by their first single.

86. Chris Cornell 'Scream' (Interscope) - Still not sure if this is a piss take on Kanye's Auto-Tune obsession.

85. Nine Black Alps 'Locked Out From The Inside' (Lost House) - Manchester's once-finest screw the nail in their coffin.