Sunday, January 17

Funeral For Shout And Twist*

Arcade Fire, The Arcade Fire. It's Arcade Fire. This we know. Arcade Fire are a very, very good band. This we also know. But are Arcade Fire, this very, very good band, still to make a great album? This I say so... UPDATE: This I do not say so. 'Funeral', their debut album, is in fact a great album.

See, what I originally began prepping as a post about the overestimation attached to Arcade Fire, has now shifted into an unmitigated love-in re 'Funeral'. While I was researching the record in order to back up my claim, I came to the conclusion that there are only two or three (and not five or six) tracks that are almost perfect. The rest, I say with some ignominy, is perfect.

So really this is a post about listening back to those so-called classics you weren't so sure about the first time around. And coming out the other end with lots of egg on your face. Still, I'm happy I was wrong.

*Purely in the case of the album name, of course.

DL the best song on 'Funeral' that wasn't a single
'Une Année Sans Lumiere'