Tuesday, January 19

Is There Anyone So Alone?

Look, we already know that Benjamin Gibbard is a lyrical genius. A bona fide poet. The best songwriter since Robby Z. Or something.

And while I was running my ears over the ol' DCfC discog the other day, I came across one number I hadn't heard in some time. 'This Temporary Life' to be unambiguous, taken from 2004 benefit compilation 'Future Soundtrack for America'.

Musically, it's fucking brilliant. And lyrically? Even better. Just imagine you've moved to a whole new city all on your own, without a single soul to swear by. "You may ask yourself, 'Is there anyone so alone?' But there's no beep before the dial tone... And you're wondering whose bright idea it was to pack your things and leave your friends and move down here."

Ingenious, forsaken, sad. Just like I like 'em. Having a bad day and want instant happiness?

'This Temporary Life'