Thursday, January 21

Let's Make Time Work For Us

Sir Alex Ferguson, Johnny Carson and Seinfeld. What do football's most powerful kingpin, The Tonight Show's longest-serving host and TV Guide's greatest programme of all time share? Time. That's right, the indefinite continued progress of existence.

Of course Fergie's nearer the doorway than the approach, Johnny is literally not "heeeere" and Seinfeld only exists in its co-creator's own telecast. But Ferguson was given four seasons before picking up silverware, Carson took more than a decade prior to winning an Emmy and Seinfeld didn't nab its US-shattering ratings until well into its fourth year.

However, as Carson and Seinfeld's former network NBC has recently proven, time is no longer on the sides of the untapped talent. For me, Conan O'Brien is that gut-busting geek with the as-comic mane, yet unfortunately this is the 21st century. And nasty networks, big-fat corporations and horrid society want it now, now, now.

Higher than high-speed broadband, 3D TV, life-musing in 140 characters. The Western world is a movin', derrr. Exciting? You bet, though not if NBC opts to drop Conan after under eight months in the job. It could be argued that the second ex-and-now-rehired Tonight Show host Jay Leno decided, 'You know what? Think I'll stick around after all', the Boston-Irish emcee only had little chance to impress. But if the three specimens above needed good time to dazzle, what exactly was NBC asking for?

The sad factor in all this rapid-motioning burble of expectancy, is that a football manager will never be given four years for the right result to come along. And a TV sitcom that fails to flee after its first few eps - not even seasons - will no way get today's time to breathe.

So, no more Sir Alex Fergusons? No more Johnny Carsons? No more Seinfelds?! 'Fraid not. Today we have Pep Guardiola, FC Barcelona's bossman who won everything in his first year, leaving little elsewhere to go. And we have Glee, which has picked up a Golden Globe after five months on the air, raising nothing but shear anticipation on its follow-up seasons. If we start off via such success, surely there's only one direction to head in.

NBC, there is a reason you hired ol' Coco for The Tonight Show. Fair enough, bastard advertisers are pressing your finances like Dappy up against an anti-N-Dubz club. But whatever happened to perseverance?

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