Friday, January 15

Novocaine For The Ears

So there's this splendid series on HBO (obviously) which is called In Treatment and is about a therapist (Gabriel Byrne) who, well, treats his patients. And at the close of every ep, these startling and bewitching sounds roll in, all tempestuous and stuff. The show's music composer is called Richard Marvin, who also worked on Six Feet Under and, more puzzling, that God-awful Bruce Willis movie Surrogates. However, unless I'm willing to cough up £7.99 of my iTunes vouchers on some high-strung action burble, it appears that you and, more importantly, I am not gonna get to hear these beautiful rackets. In other words, Google ain't producing the goods.

Which all pretty much leads to this. The nearest thing I can get to Richard Marvin is Jimmy LaValle, aka The Album Leaf. At least his 'The Light', taken from fourth album 'Into the Blue Again', sounds like it could accompany In Treatment. Heck, Wiki says Michelle Obama even used it.

DL below. Tis scrumptious.

The Album Leaf 'The Light'