Sunday, January 24

We Are What We Hear

It could be that I've a (healthy) fetish with Jake Gyllenhaal movies. It could be that Coldplay are my all-time most-favourite band. Or, it could be that I'd rather tongue one of GaGa's Kermit dollies than nip the froth of a pint of ale. But I, in sooth, am really rather delicate. And, as Edinburgh's Heroit-Watt University corroborated, we are our music and our music is us.

Schmaltzy guitars, poignant words, rich melodies. Ahhhh, paradise on MP3. Sufjan Stevens' 'Chicago' - the ACOUSTIC rendition - is pretty much an out-and-out instance of such. Now I ain't saying it's a cut above the original, that'd be like alleging The Office is inferior to its US upshot. But it's fucking up there - just like the US Office.

Thereby in observance of all this mellifluous splendour, pick up your copy below.

And in acknowledgement of the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, watch CP's Chris Martin and Beyoncé perform her 'Halo' from yesterday's telethon. An unbelievably gratifying execution put forward out of extremely unfortunate events.

'Chicago (Acoustic)'