Tuesday, January 26

We're In This Together

Football fans. AKA idiocy at its most idiotic. The lowest of the low. Well, the latter may be stretching it a smidgen, but as one who goes and sees his favourite team every other week (often even away from home), it's fair to say a good deal of these species are in actuality quite vomitous beings.

Namely, the 'supporters' of my club, Manchester United to the rest of the globe, often chant "murderers, murderers" to a local rival over their scandalous past. They throw homophobic remarks to the same rival's (straight) star striker. And they've wished death upon their own side's owner ever since he plunged them £600m in the red when he took over in 05.

Of course not all who visit Old Trafford are like this. I'm lucky enough not to sit in the Stretford End, where the lion's share of these putzes and their beer-noxious breaths are situated. "Glazers out, Glazers out", "We love United, we hate Glazer" and said-death rally explicit in actual slaying method reared their ugly tunes around the stadium last weekend. It was embarrassing at the very least.

Sure, recent reports of the club's economic woe are worrying. But Manchester United are Manchester United for a reason. Not only by way of their riches on the pitch, but as a business they are one of the best run corporations in the West.

They were once a public limited company, so someone was always gonna snap 'em up off the market. So that someone is a New Yorker and put them straight into a big fat debt in the process of acquisition. So in the first few years Manchester United win everything under the sun and bossman Sir Alex gets as much £ as he wants for improvements.

So into 2009 and the world's in financial meltdown, the Glazer family opt to pay off their debt by raising a 'bond' issue. And so it continues, United looking ahead to more success and more improvements if Fergie sees fit, still run on absolute stability.

Is playing the Grim Reaper to Mr Glazer really gonna file in harmony with this plan of financial restoration? Or is it gonna spawn total chaotic division a la Newcastle/Liverpool and fund the latter and co (and the press) with a nice bit of ammo?

"The danger, as I see it, is that we could be presented as being split which would be harmful and inaccurate because I believe the vast majority of Manchester United supporters are behind us," says Sir Alex. "That is what we are about - or at least what we should be about. We must remain loyal to the cause of Manchester United."

I don't wanna have to go to Old Trafford every other week and shut my ears to the ignorant, foolishness of the many thousands' sick little chants. I mean, I get that football fans as a specie won't change until civilisation itself grows up. But it'd be nice to believe that these morons are intelligent enough to realise that by accepting and getting behind the wholeness of Manchester United (including Mr Glazer), there will only be one winner.

Nine Inch Nails 'We're In This Together'