Sunday, February 14

Hallo...Listen To These!

As loyal readers will be mindful of, the first two years of Shout And Twist wholly addressed themselves to the city of Liverpool. Now that I don't live there anymore (It was me, not the city), something Scouse is gonna have to be real good for it to make these pages.

And so we say hello to Hallo...I Love You! (No space after ellipsis, remember explanation mark), quite probably some kind of waggish homage to the Doors track of the same name (only "a" becomes "e", ellipsis becomes comma, remove explanation mark).

Fortunately, though, this ain't all just a tale of punctuation. HILY!'s debut single 'Walk Me To The Sea' - while took me about four attempts to catch on to its early-'90s Nintendo whams atop sweet 'n' sappy bedspread - is pretty darn bang-up. Said-bleeps and blaps ultimately come to light as rather indelible, all pasted under the kinda plot you'd expect in an unRichard Curtis rom-com.

So, if you live in Liverpool or a town these'll be playing, I encourage you to go and examine for yourself... Oh, and the bassman used to be in Elle S’appelle, who S&T fixated upon like a GaGa robe back in '07.

'Walk Me To The Sea'