Monday, March 1

Album Of Last Month

Chew Lips 'Unicorn' (Family)

Each and every annum coughs up a good few albums whose constructors never really dazzle as much as their work suggests they should. Chew Lips, that Saf Landan dance-pop trio I limelit about a year back, are sadly to be one of those bands. Well, probably. Their inaugural attempt, titled 'Unicorn', is assuredly bonny and sleek in all the right places, yet where's the accompanying hullabaloo it so deserves? Really, this is just excuseless.
'Eight', also track one, comes off darn well teasing the laser tagging La Roux-muscled yada that follows over the course of the next nine hits. Which, Ms Marina and Mr Lightspeed, is the perfect amount. And 'Slick' is where 'Unicorn' truly swipes its stride, all slow-build keys and smooth cookie dough disco.
"Everybody thinks of you with secrecy, where you running to selfishly?" trills singer Tigs (I know, the name's a downside) on board a sorta 'Silent Alarm'-era 'lectro mattress and Russell Lissack-like g-picking. Mmm, yum yum.
The chief few minutes, though, belong to 'Gold Key'. This time the girl's got metaphors ("Your hands were tied, the storm had come, midnight eyes, we played with guns") and the glacé synth milieu of before is now at its most lustrous.
See, it's pretty obvious that the Korg tools and whatnot ain't done running round the block, so isn't it best we delight in the good stuff? 'Unicorn' is far and near better than most of what's out there this instant. To put it frankly, Chew Lips warrant more acknowledgement. If not their own Super Bowl commercial.

Best Track
Gold Key