Tuesday, March 16

Love United, Don't Mind Glazer

Hi my name's Adam, I'm a Man United fan and I don't hate the Glazers...

This green and gold campaign has become so prominent in and around Old Trafford, I actually feel like I'm now in the minority in my indifference to my beloved team's owners. See, I accept that before May 2005 Manchester United was a public limited company, open to whoever the heck desired to snap us up by whichever means they could. Of course I'd have preferred that whoever not to have pinned us hundreds of millions in the red in the process (thus increasing the price of my season ticket by 10% every year), but I accept that that is business and that this debt has not affected Fergie's running of the team one scrap.

I fully believe David Gill that Fergie has money to spend if he sees fit and I know that Manchester United is one of the best run businesses in the West - and will skilfully refinance the £509m debt by way of this bond issue and its annual interest. Not to mention there's 300 million more of me and something called the iPhone! I don't need my team's owners to 'love the club' and come to every game. Romance is sweet and all but it's the year 2010 and football is the biggest business going. No-one will ever heist my 18-year love-in with the red and white away from me either.

Until this fat outstanding payment influences Fergie's decision-making in the transfer market, I for one won't be hopping on board the green and gold bandwagon like so many of my fellow disciples are, chanting sick little songs about the death of a brainy Florida tycoon who ain't shaking a fist 'til at least 2017. Not when we're on our way to our fourth consecutive Prem and five games away from a third-in-a-row UCL final anyway...

Flight of the Conchords 'Business Time'