Saturday, March 13

Marching Gals Of Manhattan

For years I snubbed it as some grrrl-only blah parade which had about as much in common with me as a Keith Lemon buff. But how I was wrong, So, so mistaken. Sex and the City, I've discovered over six seasons and a near-three-hour movie, is first-class schmaltz.

What I really enjoyed about it was that the principal performers weren't always loveable. Carrie two-timing on Aidan with Big in season two; Miranda's often judgemental standpoints getting the better of her; Charlotte and her niggling goody attitude by way of an as-galling smile; and Samantha's inability to actually feel anything deep... you know what I mean!

However, as trying as those facets were to bear, you just can't help but love them all the same. And only the very best TV can work their characters in such make-up. Seriously though, either get on the SatC carriage today or persist in life unschooled...

Kings of Leon 'Manhattan'