Tuesday, March 23

Not Really A Shout-Out

Judging by a good junk of my 2010 posts thus far, you'd have blessing to think that original HBO series and Oscar-nominated movies are my main source of musical semen. And I guess you'd be right. 'Cause for my next trick all was stemmed from watching HBO's How To Make It In America.

... Actually, that's not technically true. Sweden's Shout Out Louds I first came across via MTV2's (RIP) Brand Spanking New (RIP) section of 2005. So, being the loyal follower I was, I only wrote them off until after their second album came out - the follow-up to a mightily strong first. However, it appears I may have neglected one particular few minutes of greatness.

These were the same few minutes of greatness I heard during the latest HTMIIA, which to angle off a little, is growing on me ep by ep. I'm not willing to jump back on the SOL horse quite yet, but this sure brought a smile to my wilful face. Mind. Whatever.

Shout Out Louds 'Normandie'