Friday, March 19

That's Not His Name

Watching latest Bobby De Niro flick Everybody's Fine (the movie most certainly was not) a couple nights back, I came across a charming lil' acoustic number sweeping away in the background. After some research, I was pretty surprised to learn that that bald bloke who made a song called 'Dice' and once supported Robbie Williams or somin' had managed to blow my mind in such a way. After some more research, however, it turned out Finley Quaye and Brit-born-but-NYC-based Findlay Brown are not the same person.

The latter is actually quite good, see. Yes, his was that which soundtracked a pre-recession MasterCard ad. But it just sounded so fresh accompanying a grey-haired Travis Bickle do all he could to reconnect with his Drew Barrymore daughter along the Vegas strip. Like I said, do all you can to avoid this movie, but at least give Findlay a try...

Findlay Brown 'Come Home'