Saturday, May 1

Album Of Last Month

Darwin Deez 'Darwin Deez' (Lucky Number)

"Cause everyday ought to be a bad day for you; And if you drop your keys I hope there's a sewer somewhere very nearby; I hope that your team lost; I hope your new girl takes off with a new guy." ('Bad Day')

Ouch. Whoever burst Darwin Deez's spirit musta saw to it that it was wholly screwed before departing. Still, as is often the score, in agony comes innovation. And in this self-titled debut album, comes some of the most splendid pro-life NYC-kickin' medleys since Nate Archibald graduated St. Jude's. Although it's not all angst-rousing baggage, some folk-laden guitars even verge on Strokes lite disco.
Not 'Deep Sea Divers' however, which has frontman Darwin laxing about a defecting romance ("You're bringin' me down; Now I'm blue; Now I'm in deeper, too") over oh-so treacly 'lectro. His aloof energy, it turns out, is actually saved for 'The Suicide Song', as his positively sloppy vocals pep up "from the window ledge" above sock hop funk strings, all probably for the motive of good ol' irony.
'The Bomb Song', though not as sanguine, is more provocative by alluding to that "people are sick", "the shelter is sick" and "sixty-nine-hundred people have died"... Is it lazy to assume this concerns that war that won't go away?
'Bad Day', the last and best number on here, may commence wearily (see above), but ends on a total befuddlement, with Darwin squealing: "I'm sorry if it ever is, I'm sorry if it ever is."
'Darwin Deez' is a buoyant and snappy record that, yes, is ideal for the July sun. But for a long time after that, too...

Best Track
Bad Day