Friday, May 28

Bias Bias Coverage

Glazer family: "The board notes recent press speculation regarding a possible bid for Manchester United. The owners remain fully committed to their long-term ownership of the club. Manchester United is not for sale and the owners will not entertain any offers."

David Gill: "Sir Alex is not restricted financially. I can look you in the eye and say that."

Right, please can we stop the stupid little fucking protests now?

Oh wait, BBC: "Manchester United was bought by the Glazer family for £800m in 2005. In the 2009/10 season the club finished second to Chelsea in the Premier League. They were also knocked out of the Champions League in the quarter finals, and have ended the season relatively unsuccessfully by their standards, winning only the League Cup."

BBC, how about the fact that we won everything under the fucking sun between 2005 and 2009? Partiality journalism coming from the organisation that prides itself on its requirement to be impartial. Disgusting.

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