Friday, May 28

Caspa The Friendly Chav

Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of my fellow human beings. Especially those who are from where I am from. And I and Caspa, aka Gary 'Looks like a chavvy lad-boy from London, mate, init, nah mate, init' McCann, aka Gazza (probably), aka Maccas (probably), aka Gary McCann, would most likely struggle to hold a down conversation outside of the subject of expensive sausage rolls if we met in a service station.

But sometimes it can be a good thing to not be so condemnatory of people. Especially when the mortal in question happens to be the architect of, like, the best fucking dubstep choon since... er... umm... its Wiki is too hard to read!

Generally speaking, I'm (clearly) not a fan of dubstep. But this is amaze.

Caspa 'Back For The First Time'