Sunday, May 9

Don't Let It Be Too Late

"The danger, as I see it, is that we could be presented as being split which would be harmful and inaccurate because I believe the vast majority of Manchester United supporters are behind us," Sir Alex Ferguson, January 2010.

Thing is, Manchester United's anti-Glazer campaigners don't seem like their "behind" anything but a hiding to nothing. Reports over the weekend suggest that a smoke bomb was set off outside Old Trafford, though fortunately led to no injuries or arrests. However, seeing it dilate as it does every other week, from some 60-year-old bloke selling green-and-yellow scarves by the ground to a bandwagon of twerps flaunting 'em like a fashion accessory, there's a sense their what-was smart and subtle message is now getting out of hand.

As these things do. It's that Brit insecurity of acting robust, only ultimately fearful, that's emerging to the anti-Glazers' front line. The most worrying thing about it all is that there's probably more to come - who knows where this is gonna go? I guess the season's conclusion will calm things down, a blessing in disguise perhaps.

Today's game was joined by a plane flying over the stadium bearing a banner calling for the owners to step down. One flag in the East Stand asked for fans to "starve" the Glazers by not renewing their season tickets (something I personally think these so-called supporters should have done a long time ago - are they not being hypocritical by turning up every week?). A single is even rumoured to be in the pipeline.

Some of this canvassing is impressive, for sure. But nobody should get injured for the sake of it. Plus the way things are heading, it's only a matter of time.

And considering the Glazers doubtlessly have no plans to move a muscle, these protesters are only endangering themselves.

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