Monday, May 17

Nice Dream

When Cristiano Ronaldo fouled Malaga's Patrick Mtiliga in the 86th minute of Real Madrid's final game of the season, it wasn't because Mtiliga had been scuttling the Portuguese winger. In actuality, he was lashing out at himself, or rather a first season in the Spanish capital and without a trophy to show for it. Barcelona were already 4-0 up see, so even if Madrid did manage to advance on a 1-1 dead heat, the La Liga title was still headed to the Nou Camp.

But I'm not sure if Cristiano has anything to be truly upset about. Yet, anyway. Was it not asking too much for this fresh set of galácticos to acquire something as momentous as to overcome the power of Lionel and co in their first year together? And if they did, surely anything but another La Liga/UCL the season after would be deemed insufficient.

Now they can build on the fact that they took Barcelona within a point of the pinnacle, that's eight whole more than the season before. Of course Pellegrini will be unemployed give a week, but that's just the Madrid way.

Ronaldo himself, netting an overall 33 goals in 35 games, hasn't exactly had a bad season either, plus that goals-per-game average beats any year he had in Manchester.

Look, here's what's gonna go down. José Mourinho will next Saturday evening be lifting his second UCL and first proper treble, marking the most pivotal moment in Internazionale's rich history for four decades. All prior to leaving his post for the Bernabéu. Then, around this time next year, Real will take back that title, Messi the fallen wonder. Oh boy, one can dream...

Radiohead '(Nice Dream)'