Sunday, June 20

10 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is Better Than Lionel Messi

I watched his first ever game for my team. I watched his last ever game for my team. And a good lot in between, too. So there's no bias behind my belief that Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time, obviously. And here's 10 reasons why he's better than that Mesy bloke, or whatever his name is...
1. Mental toughness. Ronaldo went through an entire season of suffering booing following the Wayne Rooney winking incident of 2006. Nobody knows how Messi would cope under such pressure.

2. National dependency. While Messi has many a class talent to play alongside for Argentina, Ronaldo is the go-to guy for Portugal. Plus he's captained the country from the age of 22.

3. Experience. Ronaldo's played at the very highest level in both the Premier League and La Liga. Messi has so far only played in the latter.

4. Shear speed. Ronaldo's tempo on the pitch matches that of an Olympic athlete, whereas Messi isn't even the fastest for Barcelona.

5. Champions League record. Ronaldo took Man United to two consecutive CL finals. Messi may have won the competition twice, but was actually injured for the 05/06 final v Arsenal.

6. Free-kicks. The take-in breaths, the long run-ups, the audacious distances. Ronaldo's the finest free-kick taker on the planet, Messi just doesn't match up.

7. Special moments. The Portsmouth free-kick, the Roma header, the FC Porto long-ranger, the Fulham sprint, the first to score in his first four La Liga games. Sure Messi's got a few in the bag, but Ronaldo's are endless.

8. Headers. Both, of course, are fantastic at heading the ball. But Ronaldo's got the advantage of being over six foot tall, and has used/uses such to his advantage on the most vital of occasions.

9. Versatility. Not only is Ronaldo tougher mentally, more experienced, faster, better at free-kicks and headers, but he can use both feet and freely plays all across the attack. Left-footed Messi just isn't as versatile.

10. Because he just is.