Sunday, June 13

Future Sport For America

I love the United States of America. I love football. So why can't the two learn to love each other? Well, readers, that might all be about to change. National networks ESPN and ABC are broadcasting the entirety of the World Cup. The US managed a tie with supposedly quite-good England in yesterday's said-World Cup match. And Thierry Henry is likely to join David Beckham in MLS over the next twelve months.

Does this, however, mean that Susie Blake of Cheesecake Drive, Amarillo, Texas gets excited about the Houston Dynamo-FC Dallas Texas derby in the year 2022? No, probably not. But it's definitely going in the right direction. When I live in America a good deal later on in my life, I don't wanna have to miss my Manchester team as much as I would do today.

I saw this in Griffith Park, Los Angeles in the year 2008.

And I just saw this on the country's national newspaper's homepage.

Sure I want England to do well in the World Cup, but I gotta look out for my future, too...