Saturday, June 26


Gutted. I am absolutely gutted that the United States couldn't push their way past Ghana in this evening's World Cup Round 2 clash. I don't even remember feeling this pissed after England got knocked out of something - and I've enough of those to easily compete. I mean, this feeling of sorrow is bordering on that of which I felt after United lost to Leeds in the FA Cup earlier this year.

Last week on the day both England and the US progressed to the last 16, I found myself cheering more after Landon Donovan's 92 minute winner than Jermaine Defoe's odd knee finish. Thing is, I've never ever felt particularly English and I really want soccer to one day be huge in America.

I will one day live in the United States, for, like, the rest of my life. So there's still time for soccer to grow and grow and grow by the time I arrive there to stay. But right now I'm just so gutted and not really all that worried over England's game v Germany tomorrow.

Bright Eyes 'Gold Mine Gutted'