Sunday, August 1

Album Of Last Month

Mystery Jets 'Serotonin' (Rough Trade)

"Lunch is for wimps," uttered Michael Douglas in some late 80s movie about the abundance of big business. And all because Gordon Gekko was too busy. Too hard-pressed and eager to eat. And today, in a society in which we're not used to waiting around, there are probably more Gekkos than ever. No time for actual detail, just bitesized news via uber-speed net on our multi-zippy phones with speed dials for pre-packaged sandwiches delivered within seconds. And on which are playlists of songs, no filler, but pure golden nugget after the other. So thank fuck for Mystery Jets. Here, with their third effort 'Serotonin', they've given credence to the concept of patience - and the belief that it is actually possible to get better with age.
Opener 'Alice Springs' goes ahead with an unhurried aerospace of comeliness, its swishing keys transiting singer Blaine Harrison's idyllic tale, "Better to have loved and lost then to have lived and never loved anyone". Then with a minute to go it springs into some all-out polyphony of greatness. And it's here you can tell this album's gonna go somewhere.
Also worth mentioning is 'Flash A Hungry Smile', which takes the band's hobbyhorse with the 80s to a whole other level. Though this time there's more meaty cohesion, Harrison pondering: "Have you heard the birds and bees have all got STDs?" It's indie summery beauty with a smile.
And 'Waiting On A Miracle' is perhaps about as reflective as it gets, as a Duran Duran echo-thud thing sets off a mopey ambience of wholesomeness.
So see, serenity may no longer be the poster boy for civilisation, but Mystery Jets needed to make two albums to get to this place. And 'Serotonin' is so glorious, it's golden nugget after golden nugget...

Best Track
Waiting On A Miracle (Available from your local record store/website!)