Thursday, September 16

California Dreaming

When I journeyed to Los Angeles in the summer of 2008, I didn't rent a car so had merely the city's bus service and some risibly comfy Adidas trainers to get around. One place I chanced upon was called Laurel Canyon, which I passed on my way to visiting the Hollywood sign. It's a very nice place I hope to return to one day, all peace-and-quiet, bushy trees, exactly the kind of area you'd anticipate a bloody murder to go down.

And according to Dawes' Wikipedia page, they're "part of the Laurel Canyon sound". These four-piece Cali dream-folkers only got going/noticed about a year or so ago, and they're still to make waves outside of their native land it seems. But listening to 'When My Time Comes', I actually kinda get this whole "Laurel Canyon sound" thing. Airy harmonies, a doughy aura, a sweet polyphony - Bon Iver in about three albums' time. And the song, oh man the song - it's so fucking good. I'm gonna go listen to their debut album 'North Hills' (named after where they're from I believe), but you? You go DL yourself 'When My Time Comes'.

Dawes 'When My Time Comes'