Monday, September 13

Two Song Cinema Club

Two days ago I watched a movie called Cyrus. It stars Jonah Hill (meh), John C. Reilly (meh) and Marisa Tomei (yum). For a comedy it wasn't very funny, it was alright at the most. I've also seen it described as a dramedy, which makes more sense but again, really no need for the "edy".

Couple things happened. One, a set of about eight youths stumbled into the cinema thinking they were about to get Step Brothers 2 after seeing both Reilly and Hill (I know he wasn't in Step Brothers but you know what I mean) attached to the cast. Thank fuck they didn't, and the eight youths left before the end. Like, who does that? To be fair both actors strutted the dramatic line pretty well, Hill so much I wanted to choke his fucked-up, evil character by the end. If I was one of those eight youths I probably wudda.

But the other thing, the reason I'm blogging this, was the soundtrack. Man, were there some beaus. Blind Pilot's 'I Buried A Bone' closed it and Charlie Wadhams' 'My Love' was somewhere in the middle. Both run that shmoochy acoustic track us sensitive types dig so much. DL 'em up below. Oh, Blind Pilot are the pic at the very top, Charlie's underneath. Obvs.

Blind Pilot 'I Buried A Bone'
Charlie Wadhams 'My Love'