Saturday, October 2

Don't Go Away

A crisis, this I don't think is. I mean, it's not May and we're not on the threshold of taking the title, or the UCL, or the FA Cup or whatever. It is October. But four points from our first four away games is, quite frankly, disastrous. And the issues that were suffocating us in the first two - literally throwing away three points in the 90th minute - were defensive. But today, today we couldn't even get our attack right. We had two, maybe three, relatively good chances, but nothing, absolutely nothing, came from them.

It could be argued that Dimitar Berbatov's incredible hatrick against Liverpool was the worst thing to happen to him - now the expectancy put upon him is higher than ever, but since, in the three games he's been involved in, he's done zip. It's hard to say whether Rooney would have made a difference today. I think it'll be a long time before we see his best again, but we will see it. And Owen, who got another rare start to show the kind of impact he can have, just didn't make anything of it. Hernandez, after coming on and scoring that brilliant goal in the week, perhaps should have started today, but one can only say that in hindsight. Nani still only shows glimpses of real United-worthy talent, while Macheda, I really can't see what the big deal is - he's not shown anything substantial to indicate he can do what he did against Villa two seasons ago now on a weekly basis. And at Manchester United, that's what you're meant to do.

The only fruitful thing to say about our horrendous away form is that it is early season. And even if Chelsea do win tomorrow, they're not miles and miles ahead of us. But will we still win it all? Of course we will, we're Manchester United.

Oasis 'Don't Go Away'