Sunday, October 3

So Long, My Mumford

Mumford & Sons' debut album was exceptional. Shout And Twist's most-favourite from last year, in fact. And boy have they had the deserved adulation to revel in, too. But last night, watching them at Manchester's intimate-for-its-size Apollo, though they were brilliant in their performance, they played for a whole hour and forty minutes. We had some B-sides, four new songs, a few attempts at stand-up, an old old song or two. Personally, I think it's the result of modernity fast-forwarding bands to superstardom before they even, quite frankly, earn it. Yes, they are rightly one of the biggest and best-loved groups in the UK, but does that justify such a long show? Would Coldplay have played that long a set while touring 'Parachutes' in 2000/2001? I just don't think they would. If I'm wrong, I take it all back. And believe me, I looove M&S, I'm just writing this 'cause I care.