Tuesday, December 14

Albums Of 2010 - No. 10 to No. 6

10. Eminem 'Recovery' -
Production-wise it's not as glossy as it could be, but his PO'd intentness sorta overrides all that. Jeez, talk about a recovery.

9. Johnny Flynn 'Been Listening' -
He is one accomplished inspiration. And if this doesn't shift him to the fore by the sides of his nu-folk brethrens, nothing will.

8. Weezer 'Hurley' -
This really does have all the pop-punk, punk-pop'd flair of their early days - and why move forward when there's no-one in your way?

7. Everything Everything 'Man Alive' -
The debut album of the year goes to these Manchester-settled art rockers. Judging by the exotic blather found on here, these'll be around for a looong time.

6. Kings of Leon 'Come Around Sundown' -
Bearing in mind their productivity, one day they really will go back down South, but let's enjoy the anthemia while it lasts, eh?