Sunday, December 12

Albums Of 2010 - No. 20 to No. 11

20. The Sunshine Underground 'Nobody's Coming To Save You' -
The punk-funking may be relevant no more, but this is still so plausible.

19. Jimmy Eat World 'Invented' -
Probably their greatest stab since 'Futures', its classic sentimentality proves that JEW fans can still believe.

18. Darwin Deez 'Darwin Deez' -
A buoyant and snappy record that, yes, is ideal for the July sun but for a long time after that, too.

17. Two Door Cinema Club 'Tourist History' -
Who needs the uppishness of Ke$ha when we've this lot's sumptuous guitar disco jivin'?

16. The Walkmen 'Lisbon' -
One-song wonders no more! Well, sort of. This is certainly their best record, pretty much honing the Walkmen sound.

15. Kanye West 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' -
By far his best album almost puts no feet wrong. There is a song for every soul.

14. Lostprophets 'The Betrayed' -
As brash and apocalyptic as ever, on their fourth LP they confirm that nobody rides the nu-hard-metal train better.

13. Chew Lips 'Unicorn' -
To put it frankly, these warrant more acknowledgement. If not their own Super Bowl commercial.

12. Mark Ronson 'Record Collection' -
What this displays is that we need him now as much as he needed The Zutons then.

11. Brandon Flowers 'Flamingo' -
The Killers frontman has sussed who he wants to be - and this is the finest way to celebrate.