Monday, December 6

Albums Of 2010 - No. 50 to No. 41

50. Hot Chip 'One Life Stand' -
Album name better than album, but only just.

49. dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip 'The Logic Of Chance' -
A sturdy return, at least for those who heard it.

48. To My Boy 'The Habitable Zone' -
Better, though that Mercury-nom-for-band-no-one-knows is still far off.

47. Interpol 'Interpol' -
If I think about what went wrong I might start crying.

46. Wintersleep 'New Inheritor' -
Fourth album syndrome decides on another victim.

45. Linkin Park 'A Thousand Suns' -
Self-gratifying, drawn-out and catchy as shit. Nothing new there, really.

44. The Xcerts 'Scatterbrain' -
Hits equal misses on a scratchier, angrier (and ignored) comeback.

43. Good Shoes 'Times Change' -
Just like the title suggests, times do change. And this was one relevant.

42. New Young Pony Club 'The Optimist' -
No need to double-take, that does say New Young Pony Club. Shockingly good effort.

41. Gorillaz 'Plastic Beach' -
Finally the songs to match the idea. Shame there's only two good songs, though.