Sunday, January 23

Happy Alone

I heart Dimitar Berbatov. There are some United players who when they score, I experience a bigger rush than I do for others. Alongside Dimi, the same currently goes for Wayne Rooney - goals are the only thing he's lacking at the moment - and Michael Owen - he never gets to play enough. All of whom pretty much happen to be paid to find the net. The deal with Berba, though, is that only this season is he starting to show he can do it for a BIG club.

I'd be telling a lie if I said I've stuck by him all the way up till now. It was following his non-showing in a fatal 0-0 at Blackburn towards the end of last season when my patience started to lose its footing. Today, however, I want him in my starting lineup. He is at present the Premier League's top scorer by three and seems to be our best bet in attack. I've come to realise that in a perfect performance, he will frustrate, but he'll dispatch if supplied the service, too.

The main reason why my Dimi scoring reaction is the most thrilling, though, is that he cuts this loner, outsider role about him, which - being a loner, outsider myself - I quite connect with. He would so go to the cinema by himself. "One ticket for blah blah, please..." Wow, what a champ.

Kings of Leon 'Happy Alone'