Tuesday, February 1

Album Of Last Month

White Lies 'Ritual' (Fiction)

Whatever it was Editors were trying with their last 'industrial' record, it did not total a job well done. And Interpol, following the exit of bassman Carlos, they've seemingly lost all reason and their black charm. Ergo, the space of depressingly feel-good indie needs a big front to fill it - meet White Lies II. On their second LP, the white-picket-fence threesome are, well, kinda the same, only a bit less mousy with their amps. 'Bigger Than Us' was the swift-and-mighty single, but there's the poppy, Cure-like 'Peace & Quiet' and the deliciously broody 'Turn The Bells' to master all domains. Yes, affable. And yes, aces.

Best Track
'Peace & Quiet'