Saturday, October 1

Album Of Last Month

Blink-182 'Neighborhoods' (Geffen)

When Blink-182 announced their comeback at the 2009 Grammys, they strutted on stage with a near-pompous 'Guess who's back' swagger, as if we should all just blank out the past five years without them. Heck, Mark Hoppus even yelped: "Blink-182 is back!" This kind of self-importance would look ugly on about 99% of all pop-punk, but not Blink. They've done too much good - and 'Neighborhoods', albeit not quite the masterwork fans would have itched for, patently illustrates why these need to never cross swords again. Opener 'Ghost on the Dance Floor's spirited tunefulness rivals 'Adam's Song' and 'Dammit' as one of their all-time anthems, while 'Wishing Well' and 'Love is Dangerous' are enough for the current Kerrang! scene to quit now in awe. Hoppus is right, Blink-182 is back!

Best Track
'Ghost on the Dance Floor'