Thursday, December 1

Album Of Last Month

Rihanna 'Talk That Talk' (Def Jam Recordings)

Given the quota of super-duper producer masterminds hitched to propa pop at present, one does wonder how much sweat the fronts really put in to their ditties. Especially when this front, Rihanna, is on her sixth record in seven years and has deployed a good dozen ideas folk to operate on it. 'Talk That Talk' does struggle to keep steady, too - Bangladesh-produced dancehall-pivoted 'Cockiness (Love It)' is three eternities away from 'Drunk on Love', a more typical, sultry RiRi anthem only with The xx (yes, really) pledging the comely backdrop - but that's not to imply the album fails to flow right in light of its frantic undercurrent. The Jay-Z-rapping title track has to rival 'We Found Love' as one of her finest ever moments. 'Farewell', though, contains an Alex da Kid-helmed pining chorus so alike to the last album's 'California King Bed', it's almost lazy. Half of 'Talk That Talk' is so masterly, the notion of Rihanna simply turning up to lay down her vocals just doesn't matter. But a little less producer-mashing could have made it the undeviating triumph we've been longing. Maybe next year.

Best Track
'Talk That Talk'