Friday, December 9

Albums Of 2011 - No. 20 to No. 11

11. The Wombats 'This Modern Glitch' -
Much, much too fun to care about the haterz.

12. Panic! at the Disco 'Vices & Virtues' -
A hooks-stuffed reminder of what made these so striking in the first place.

13. Death Cab for Cutie 'Codes and Keys' -
Fresh enough to lock down their place in history.

14. The Lonely Forest 'Arrows' -
Warm and fuzzy indie how it's sposed to be made.

15. Laura Marling 'A Creature I Don't Know' -
2011's preeminent folk record (from a woman).

16. White Lies 'Ritual' -
The new leaders of depressingly feel-good indie.

17. Example 'Playing in the Shadows' -
Fun, pompous and infectious as a cold.

18. Bright Eyes 'The People's Key' -
Conor returns to his delicate ways via a 'lectro sidewalk.

19. The Streets 'Computers and Blues' -
Skinner goes out with one triumphant bang.

20. Radiohead 'The King of Limbs' -
Soothing like 'In Rainbows' but surveys new ground, too.