Sunday, April 1

Album Of Last Month

Dry the River 'Shallow Bed' (RCA Victor)

A gander at the song titles on this and you'll come upon demons, hymns and the Bible. Listen in and you've the lyric: "I named you like a prayer; it's anybody's guess how the angel of doubt came down and crept into your bed." Don't let all the Catholic allusions get in the way, though; Dry the River are never doctrinal but more wield such imagery to play up love, death and anything else you'll only learn about from an early Woody Allen com. 'Bible Belt' especially, with its thinning Mumford-folk and horns-smacking coda, is an all-out jewel. The pining spirit-pop (yes, spirit-pop) of 'Shield Your Eyes' makes full use of singer Peter Liddle's graceful howling, and 'Lion's Den' ends things aptly with the sort of soft rocking zenith Florence might conjure after a stint or two in rehab. Dry the River really are worth believing in.

Best Track
'Lion's Den'