Friday, June 1

Album Of Last Month

Keane 'Strangeland' (Island Records)

What can one really hope for in a new Keane album? Love, heartbreak and that rosy ignorance in between all scrutinised by means of touching piano, a lilting chorus or three and singer Tom Chaplin's mild wailing? Derrr, but when they do it as kosher as they, why the heck not?! In-camp allegations that infant rockers The Vaccines had somehow engendered 'Strangeland' at first come off baseless - nothing on here will quite bring indie back - yet look again and there's a peppy energy to Keane's bounce usually found in bands with guitars and stuff. 'Silenced by the Night', for example, could be The Killers gone to Cornwall, and 'Neon River' utilises its forsaken agony to plow into 'lectro beats a sloshed Florence might dream up. 'Sea Fog', though, winds things down like a comfy security blanket; an intimate moment only Keane know how. Same again, please.

Best Track
'Sea Fog'