Thursday, July 5

The 10 Best Songs Of 2012… So Far (#10-#6)

10. Tulisa 'Young'
Who knew? 'That gobby one off Dappy's N-Dubz' caused a few gasps when she was announced as Cheryl Cole's 'X Factor' replacement last year, but one passable (and winning) judging stint plus an unavoidable sex tape scandal later and Tulisa is actually kinda plausible. 'Young' is a right good time, too; all squawky vocals and sub-Ibiza breakdowns… "Cos wee'eere yooouuung, wee'eere yooouuung, wee'eere yooouuung." Keep it up, gal!

9. Porter Robinson 'Language'
Electro maestros born in the '90s seem to be the newfangled thing in dance these days. Porter 'That's-his-actual-birth-name-I-know-sick-right?' Robinson is 19 years junior (19!) and, in 'Language', has already pieced together one of the houseiest, poppiest, danceiest beat-beasts this year. Skrillex's label signed him, Gaga's peeps commissioned him and Guetta most prolly wants to kidnap him. Album, please. NOW.

8. ft. Eva Simons 'This Is Love' once said his Black Eyed Peas were a "brand, not a band". has his own power button logo thing. added a hashtag to his latest album's title like it was 2011 or something. SO WHY DOES HE HAVE TO SEEM SO NICE ON 'THE VOICE'? That, plus 'This Is Love' and its Butlins-happy crescendo and club-pumpin' lurve beats are so darn catchy, might just be dope after all. Grrr.

7. Spector 'Chevy Thunder'
Who said indie was dead? Well, perhaps the performance of the third Hard-Fi album (yes, there was a third). But who says indie can't be brought back? Certainly not Spector, who clearly grew up on 'Mr Brightside' et al and have a bone to pick with today's Guetta-twisted lethargia violating the charts. 'Chevy Thunder' is The Killers of E1 sporting mad-sharp guitars and the sweetest of souls. Hot fuss, indeed.

6. Madeon 'Icarus'
If Porter Robinson stupefying Society Electropop at 19 ain't wow enough, Madeon is a year younger and with just-as-fresh discodom up his sleeve. This crackerjack, real name Hugo Pierre Leclercq (arguably more fly than Madeon), didn't half get tongues wagging with 'Icarus', a both-Mario-bros-on-Relentless type of affair one expects to be met with in heaven. Oh, and that Alphabeat remix never happened.