Monday, July 2

Anjew + CP + Really Good Movie = Love

I am not a massive Spider-Man fan, but Anjew (Andrew Garfield + Jewface = Anjew) taking the role of Peter Parker has pretty much made me one.

Like, I lurve him. Mainly cos he's a dope actor, mainly cos he's a Jewface, and mainly cos he's prettier than Santa Monica and Hawaii combined.

Thus, I HAD to see 'The Amazing Spider-Man' before the normal people. And, thanks to having a sick day job, I DID.

He is awes as Peter Parker, and I ain't just saying dis. Emma Stone (Anjew's real-life beau) is also pretty great; way better than she was in 'The Help ' and 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'.

And I really liked the movie. It is WAY TOO SOON since Tobey M's take and there really is no good reason for Sony to have done this. So 'TAS-M' couldn't help but be similar, but it's so good as its own movie.

It did move fast, sometimes too fast (Anjew was Don Drapery in his post-uncle death reaction). Plus, Parker and Gwen Stacy's relationship felt real (maybe cos it is, but it helped!)

Action balance was fine, although this was the only part that made the 3D worthy. Any more action and I'da been pissed, though.

It was also funny! Like, when Parker was getting used to his powers, he cracked a sink off the wall! Mad-jokes, it was.

Oh, and there was a Coldplay song ('Till Kingdom Come') that played near the middle. BEAUTIFUL. It totes reflected the power of love between Anjew and Emma.

So overall, I really enjoyed it, and would mark it 4/5 if I actually had to write-write something.