Tuesday, July 10


The Spector album ain't even dropped yet, but it already feels like 2005 again.

Today, not only have we welcomed back Brandon F and his Killers, but Kele O and his Blocs have too landed safely home with NEW, ACTUAL MUSIC for the first time in a whole decade. (Fine, it's only been three years, but it feels mad-long.)

First to da Vegas leaders and their new album's earliest offering 'Runaways'. Needless to say, it's as ballsy as Jodie Marsh in the ol' lesbian ring. Like, the very first few seconds are basically what the 'Star Wars Episode 1' score should have been. Then sweetass strummy strings bedrock that golden voice we don't realise how much we miss till it's gone.

Brandy's on about some "blonde-haired, blue-eyed" gal "playing in the sand", obvs. Only Brandy! Bolting drums and guitars chase up and get all semi-Slash-glammy on our behinds, as the song powers to its chorus like all gr8 Killers hits do. Brandy yelps: "We got engaged on a Friday night, I swore on the head of our unborn child that I could take care of the three of us." So about his fam pre-second kid, then?

He later yelps (in the chorus): "We're all just runaways. I knew that when I met you, I'm not gonna let you runaway." And he later-later yelps: "There's a picture of us on our wedding day, I recognise the girl but I can't settle in these walls." Ouchy-mama… So, Brandy and wifey are, like all of us, runaways/fugitives/refugees of our own minds and feelings and stuff.

'Runaways' is a grand Killers classic conceivably about the expiry date of lurve. It'd fit nicely on the last album or that solo thing he did (grrr), but is a ridic-exciting taster for record number four.

And talking of record number fours (soz), Bloc Party ARE BACK, kids. Ooo, it just feels winsome writing that! The very millisecond Russell's choppy gunshotty guitar thing comes in, you know this is Bloc. It's like closing your eyes, eating a Cornetto and just knowing.

Said-choppy gunshotty guitar thing could get as annoying as Conor Maynard and/or Professor Green's voice for some, but not those who remember the haunting G whirls on 'Silent Alarm'. This is like them, but's new enough to be more trademark than rehash.

"Mary Anna," Kele screeches in the chorus, "said it's a no-go. She don't feel like, she don't think so…" Mad-disturbing images come to mind, but that's sorta routine for KO dese days. Russ then hits up some crazy-sci-fi-electro guitar to close things; if Jarvis Cocker did 'Prometheus' or somin'.

'Octopus' is a pleasant 'look who's back' mini-anthem, really. No doubt there are more suited ditties on the album, but it ain't like Bloc to show 'em off early.

Look at our Class of 2005, all grown up! Next week: The Futureheads. JK. Latest Spector vid is below, though...