Wednesday, August 1

Album Of Last Month

Passion Pit 'Gossamer' (Columbia)

Passion Pit are one of those bands from the '08 electro-pop sweep who never got the adoration they deserved. Demeaning their work to an O2 ad didn't exactly help their cred, either. Thus, the hype about a second album wasn't all that anticipated. Take a listen in, though, and you've one of the year's best. Song after song, it's syrupy-sweet vibrations and honest-but-healthy repartee; Ribena Toothkind without the gross taste. Singer and bipolar sufferer Michael Angelakos squeals on 'I'll Be Alright': "I'm so self-loathing that it's hard for me to see reality from what I dream," and on 'Love Is Greed': "If all that loneliness requires is just another's comfort, better off being a lonely road." Depressing as shit, but you'll be too busy dancing to care.

Best Track
'Take A Walk'