Saturday, December 1

Albums Of 2012 - No. 10 to No. 1

1. The Maccabees 'Given to the Wild'
Bigger, stronger, slower: boys become men and one of the best bands around.

2. Spector 'Enjoy It While It Lasts'
2012 called; it wants indie back.

3. Mumford & Sons 'Babel'
More of the same but it's too inspiring to care.

4. Dry the River 'Shallow Bed'
Bible, shmible; this band are worth believing in.

5. Alt-J 'An Awesome Wave'
Hello, folk-step. Lovely to meet you...

6. Two Door Cinema Club 'Beacon'
See the self-help aisle if this doesn't shake you.

7. Keaton Henson 'Dear…'
Delicate is an overstatement. Heartbreaking.

8. Passion Pit 'Gossamer'
Depressing as shit, but it'll get you dancing.

9. Jake Bugg 'Jake Bugg'
More talent in his finger than Leona's back catalogue.

10. Mystery Jets 'Radlands'
Another solid effort; these are sold short.