Saturday, December 1

Albums Of 2012 - No. 40 to No. 31

31. The xx 'Coexist'
If only the label wasn't so intimidated.

32. Michael Kiwanuka 'Home Again'
Too much spent in dullsville. Grrr.

33. Jessie Ware 'Devotion'
Lotta filler but when it hits, it hits.

34. Band of Horses 'Mirage Rock'
What's with the rush, lads? Careful that rep.

35. The Big Pink 'Future This'
Bit better than their debut, but no groundbreaker.

36. Grimes 'Visions'
There's, like, three good songs on this.

37. Madonna 'MDNA'
Gaga has at least made her interesting again.

38. Linkin Park 'Living Things'
Not terrible.

39. Example 'The Evolution of Man'
Hold back on the guitars next time.

40. Miike Snow 'Happy to You'
Fine, but it's not 2007 anymore.